PhD in Education, Assoc Professor/Senior Lecturer in Social Work esp. Organization. Course coordinator international courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. International coordinator at the Department of Social Work. Visiting researcher / teacher at Partner University (affiliated). Several publications focusing on educational science and pedagogy in social studies (see DIVA).

Since 2010, I coordinate the research network CareSam (, a transnational, cross-border network with a focus on elderly issues, where research, education and practice collaborate on elderly issues. Since 2010, seven sub-projects have received external funding and I have had the role of project manager for six of them. A total of ten publications have been generated so far and the network has received approximately 1250,000 EUR since 2010 in external funds. Further on, I am a project member of a recently Kamprad-funded project (2021-24), KnowDem, focusing vCommunity of Practice in Dementia care. Further on, I am also a member of interdisciplinary faculty research groups at Malmö University: challenge-based learning, aging and social work and DIEST (Designing Integrative Evaluations for Student and Teacher Development) and Literacy. Furthermore, I conduct my own research and co-publication with international research colleagues within the framework of CareSam and in addition bilateral collaborative projects in Educational science.

In my research interest, there is a genuine interest in both studying and understanding organizational and professional changes based on Educattional Sciences and pedagogical points of departure. Since I defended my doctoral dissertation in 2010 (Lund University) with the title “A profession in change: a development ecology perspective”, I have continued to immerse myself in comparative, contextual welfare, higher education issues and internationalization in Educational design in particular. Furthermore, as coordinator for the research network Caresam in collaboration with regional and international partners, I have immersed myself in knowledge formation around cross-border pedagogical meetings in profession and organization with a focus on elderly issues. Basically, the externally funded projects, processes and scientific production in this network have had three main perspectives; learning, care and societal perspectives. This includes social innovation, inclusion and the meeting of human technology and digitization in both opportunities but also risks of exclusion. Over the years, I have actively worked with in-depth international educational collaboration and integrated research and education in close collaboration with partner universities and research colleagues, which has generated a breadth of empirical material, to varying degrees processed, but also unprocessed. In my research, I have individually and in collaboration developed how development ecological models and Community of Practice can be applied in learning processes.

In summary, my research is about: a) Knowledge formation about the role and significance of the pedagogical meeting in cross-border meetings in profession and organization b) Reflective applied science on the basis of international collaborations in education and research c) Development of the importance of levels in knowledge formation in the interplay of the individual, the organization and society and how change processes could be understood d) Knowledge of how learning, care and societal perspectives in progression can be understood around learning processes about aging and welfare.

ORCID: 0000-0003-0428-2001