Course offered as a part of a programme, Bachelor’s level
7.5 credits
Malmö daytime 50%
16 January 2023 - 26 March 2023

About the course

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

  • General entry requirement (with the exemption of Swedish language) + or the equivalent of Physics 2, Chemistry 1, Mathematics 3C in Swedish secondary school. Or: Physics B, Chemistry A, Mathematics D in Swedish secondary school.
  • At least 22,5 credits in Mathematics.
  • The equivalent of English 6 in Swedish secondary school.

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Course evaluation

The University provides students who are taking or have completed a course with the opportunity to share their experiences of and opinions about the course in the form of a course evaluation that is arranged by the University. The University compiles the course evaluations and notifies the results and any decisions regarding actions brought about by the course evaluations. The results shall be kept available for the students. (HF 1:14).