About the course

Course content

This is the foundational course for the overall programme, which introduces students to key concepts and debates in critical and cultural studies, whilst exploring how they have developed over history and are transforming under the pressure of modern-day challenges. The basic premise is to critically examine the varying ways in which culture produces knowledge, how culture is called upon to negotiate power relations, and also the ways in which culture has, and continues to be, contested. In this way the course narrates culture as a “battleground” with different actors and institutional stakeholders, and uneven modes of access and representation. Making theory relevant to assess current areas of societal contestation is an important driver for this course, and it aims to help students tackle such discourses by understanding their historical genealogies.

Syllabus and course literature

You can find a list of literature in the syllabus, along with other details about the course.

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6. Bachelor's degree (180 credits) or equivalent in social sciences, humanities or arts.

General eligibility + the equivalent of Swedish higher secondary school English 6.


University credits completed 100%

Course evaluation

The University provides all students who are participating in, or have completed, a course to express their experiences and views on the course through a course evaluation which is organized at the end of the course. The university will collate the course evaluations and provide information about their results and any actions prompted by them. The results shall be made available to the students. (HF 1:14).


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