About the course

Global Product Development II is for students and professionals (in engineering or related disciplines) who want to further develop their product development and project management skills. The course allows you to apply your knowledge and skills on problems in challenging environments, with an emphasis on humanitarian and international aid.

During the course you will work in teams to address an actual development challenge in a low- or mid-income country. The purpose is to develop a prototype that can be effectively implemented. You will receive continuous feedback from development experts and managers from companies and organizations with similar challenges. Partners include Research Institutes of Sweden and Urban Technology Sweden.

GPD II is designed to address technology companies’ and development organizations’ increasing need for engineers with skills to handle complexity and work in challenging environments. It builds on strong connections to the industry, which will improve your opportunities to get a relevant job in aid and with international innovation companies. The skills you acquire are also demanded in Sweden. Companies have an increasing need for engineers that can work with Agenda 2030 or can address sustainability aspects in complex projects. The course can be the basis for a degree project in collaboration with companies and organizations.

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Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

MT195A/E Global Product Development I, with a passing grade on 1901/2101 Assignments 2,5 hp


University credits completed 100%

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