Course, master’s level
7.5 credits
Malmö | daytime | 50%
31 August 2026 - 8 November 2026
Code for the course: DA645E

About the course

The aim of the course is for the student to acquire knowledge of research methodology in computer science. Further, the student will develop their ability to select and critically reflect on different research designs in this field, including a specific problem area the student chooses to focus on during the course.

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Course content

The course includes the following:

- Formulation of scientific problems and hypotheses
- Selection and review of relevant literature
- Research methods in computer science
- Approach to the selection and collection of data
- Data analysis, including statistical methods
- Oral and written presentation of research studies
- Research ethics

Entry requirements

- Bachelor of Science in Engineering (at least 180 credits) or a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields such as computer engineering, computer and information science, software engineering, informatics, telecommunications or electrical engineering.
- At least 15 credits in programming.
- Equivalent of English 6 in secondary school.

Course literature

Course evaluation

Malmö University provides students who participate in, or who have completed a course, with the opportunity to express their opinions and describe their experiences of the course by completing a course evaluation administered by the University. The University will compile and summarise the results of course evaluations. The University will also inform participants of the results and any decisions relating to measures taken in response to the course evaluations. The results will be made available to the students (HF 1:14).


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