Full-time fee-paying students and exchange students are given first priority to Malmö University housing. There are lots of things to consider before you arrive, such as submitting your application and what to expect from your tenancy.

Waiting list for University Housing

Looking for housing? You can now sign up to our waiting list for spring 2019 and we will let you know when there are rooms available. 

Sign up to the waiting list by filling in this form 

How to apply for housing

All eligible students will get an email from University Housing when the application period opens. You will then need to apply by sumbitting an application form and will have the possibility to rank your top three preferences for accommodation. 

The application period for spring opens in November. 

Application period: November 1-13

You must fill out and submit the application form in order to be considered for university housing.

Placement list: November 26

All students who are offered housing are put on the placement list, which will be published on our website. All eligible applicants who are not offered housing will be placed on our waiting list and will be sent information regarding alternative options for finding housing.

Payment instructions: November 27 

All students who are offered housing will receive payment instructions by email. We kindly ask that you pay the first month's rent, the deposit and the fee for bedding. 

Deadline for payment: December 10

The Housing Office has the right to cancel any housing offer if the payment is not made on time.

Waiting list opens: December

The waiting list will be published on our website. If any university accommodation becomes available, students on the waiting list will receive an offer by email.

Arrivals day: January 10

Please note that it is not possible to access your room before the start of your contract.  

Apply for university housing for autumn 2019: May 2019

The application period for living in university housing starting autumn 2019, opens in May. 

Processing personal data

When you sign up to our housing list, we collect your personal data (with your consent) in order to process your application. We will store this data for as long as you are the waiting list for housing, or until you request to be removed from the housing list. 

Your personal data is managed by Malmö University (Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö, 202100-4920) or other companies that process this data on our behalf.

Signing up to the housing list

When you sign up to our housing list, we collect and process your personal data (with your consent) in order to process your application. We will keep the data for as long as you remain on the waiting list for housing or until you request to be removed from the list. 

Being offered housing

If you are offered housing we will need to process further personal data, such as information regarding your studies and tuition status.

During the tenancy period

Once you are our tenant and sign a rental agreement, we will process your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations as proprietor and contracting party. We process personal data when:

  • we distribute rent receipts;
  • when rent payments are administered;
  • when something is due to be repaired or replaced in your room; and
  • when we send out information concerning your tenancy.

Your personal data may be handled by a data processor on our behalf, for example one of the property owners that we sublet student housing from. We may also dispense your personal data according to law or official decisions. If your personal data is disclosed to a country outside the EU, we are responsible for making sure that this is legal.

We will save your personal data for as long as is necessary for the rental agreement.

When the tenancy period is over

We are a public organisation; as such, we abide by the Freedom of Press Act. This means that we store public records, documents sent to us, or documents that we write ourselves (such as tenancy agreements), in our archive. We screen all public records according to our document management plan.

All information that does not need to be archived will be deleted after processing has been completed.

Your rights

  • You have the right to a detailed account of the specific uses that we have made, are making, or will be making of your personal data.
  • You have the right to get incorrect information corrected.
  • You have the right to request that we limit our processing of your personal data, for example if you consider them incorrect.
  • You have the right to get your personal data transferred to another company (data portability).

You can find out what has been registered about you or get feedback on the processing or information collected by contacting housing@mau.se or the University's Data Protection Officer at dataskyddsombud@mau.se. Complaints that cannot be resolved with Malmö University may be submitted to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.

Housing options 

University housing consists of two dormitory buildings: Celsiusgården and Rönnen International. Each building has 181 rooms and both dormitories offer furnished rooms with private bathrooms. A shared kitchen and lounge area are located on each floor. All single rooms offered through the University are for one person only; the double rooms are offered to two students. Both buildings are located approximately 15 minutes away from the University/city centre by bike, or 20 minutes away by bus.

During the application period, you must apply by submitting a form and will have the possibility to rank your top three choices. Find out more about the available housing types below. 

Rönnen International is located next to Celsiusgården on Rönnblomsgatan 6A. It is close to good bus connections and a shopping centre. You'll also find a large supermarket nearby. 


The building has nine floors but only the top five are available for students. Every floor has 27-29 large, fully furnished rooms with private bathrooms. There are nine double rooms.

  • Size of single rooms: 17 square metres to 25 square metres. 
  • Size of double rooms: 29 square metres to 36 square metres.



The rooms on floors 7, 8 and 9 have been recently renovated and therefore cost slightly more to rent.

  • Floors 5, 6: 4348 - 4486 SEK/month
  • Floors 7, 8 and 9: 4441 - 4916 SEK/month
  • Double rooms: 2875 - 3089 SEK/month

Internet is included in the rent. As there is no WiFi in the building, students must bring a network cable to connect their computers to the internet. 

Curtains are not included in the rooms and must be bought by students themselves.  

Please note that rent increases during the spring semester. 

Common area

Each floor has a large, fully-equipped kitchen which includes a dishwasher, stoves, microwaves, fridges, freezers, and all necessary kitchen utensils. Floors 5 and 6 have a separate lounge area. Floors 7, 8 and 9 have a big kitchen with a lounge area. 

There is a large balcony located on each floor and bike storage nearby. 

Celsiusgården is located next to Rönnen International on Rönnbladsgatan 2A. It is close to good bus connections and a shopping centre. You'll also find a large supermarket nearby. 


The rent at Celciusgården is 3856 SEK per month. 


Celsiusgården has 40 dormitory rooms on four separate floors. All rooms are fully furnished and have a private bathroom. The size of the rooms varies between 13 square metres and 17 square metres.


Common areas

Ten students on each floor share a dining room, a lounge area with a TV and a fully-equipped kitchen (which includes a dishwasher, stoves, microwaves, fridges, freezer, and all necessary kitchen utensils). 

The common areas were renovated in 2018. A storage room for bicycles is available in the basement.

Laundry facilities are also available in the basement; use your electronic key tag to book a time slot in the booking panel. There are four bookable laundry facilities, each comprised of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Each facility has three bookable time slots per day. 

Communal amenities

  • Water, electricity, heating and TV are included in the rent.
  • Internet is included in the rent. As there is no WiFi in the building, students must bring a network cable to connect their computers to the internet. 

Terms and conditions for University housing

Important information regarding rental period, deposit, payment and securing your housing offer. 

Secure your housing offer

All applicants will get an email when the housing placement is complete. If you are offered accommodation, you are required to make a payment in advance, and you will receive detailed payment instructions in order to secure your offer.

The payment includes the first month's rent, deposit and a fee for bedding. The first payment should be made a couple of weeks after the placement list has been published. If the payment is not made in time, Malmö University holds the right to withdraw the offer. Note that the placement cannot be changed and that there is no possibility of changing rooms during the academic year.


In order to secure your housing offer, you must pay a deposit of 4000 SEK before moving into the room. The deposit will be reimbursed once you have moved out and the cleaning inspection has been conducted.


The Housing Office arranges the purchase of duvets and pillows for all University Housing tenants. These are available to pick up when you arrive at your accommodation. The fee for bedding is 325 SEK. Once you have paid the fee, the bedding belongs to you and it is your responsibility to remove it from the room when moving out.


Rent is paid in advance per calendar month, by the last workday of the preceding month. If tenants move in or move out during the middle of the month, they are still required to pay the full rent for that month. Special rules apply for August and January, as tenants may choose to leave before Arrival Day and get a rent reduction. 

Rent increases during the spring semester. The rent increase is set after negotiations between the proprieter and the Swedish Union of Tenants. Malmö University cannot influence the rental negotiations.

Rental Period

The general rental period for the academic year is from August 22 – July 31. Rental agreements are signed for a maximum of one semester at a time. For students enrolled in programmes rather than a course, rental agreements can be extended.
Tenants who get their rental agreement extended will be able to access their rooms during the summer months. The latter half of June, July and the first half of August are rent-free months; this does not apply to students moving on April 1 or later.

Home insurance

Students paying tuition fees and living in University housing are covered by 'FAS+' insurance through the state insurance company Kammarkollegiet. Please note that you need to have additional home insurance to fully cover property in your apartment.

Incoming exchange students living in University housing are covered by 'Student IN' insurance through the state insurance company Kammarkollegiet.

Distribution policy

Policy regarding the distribution of accommodation 

Practical house rules during your stay 

It is important that everyone is able to enjoy both their own room and the common areas in the building. There are a number of things that should be aware of during your stay which you can read about here; you will receive additional practical information about your accommodation when you arrive. 

It is important to be considerate towards the other tenants in your building. Sharing housing means that you need to be respectful and be considerate towards eachother.

The building should be as quiet as possible between 22.00 and 07.00.

If you are planning to have a party, please discuss this beforehand with your house mates. The person/people responsible for the party will be liable for all damages that might occur.

You can pay your rent by online bank transfer, with cash or by credit card. You can pay several months at a time, providing you use the correct reference code and let the Housing Office know that you are paying for several months.

• Celsiusgården: Tenants receive quarterly payment slips in their mail box.
• Rönnen International: Tenants receive payment slips each month by email.


The postboxes are located on each floor. Use the following address to receive post:
[Your name]
Rönnbladsgatan 2a, room [FOB number]
212 16 Malmö, Sweden

Rönnen International

The postboxes are located on the same floor as the entrance to the building. Use the following address to receive post:
[Your name]
Rönnblomsgatan 6A, room [FOB number]
212 16 Malmö, Sweden

It is the tenants' own responsibility to clean their own rooms and common areas. The kitchen and common areas should be kept clean and tidy on a daily basis. We strongly recommend that tenants on each floor create a weekly cleaning schedule to divide the cleaning responsibility.

Inspection schedule and cleaning supplies

An inspection will be carried out regularly to ensure that the common areas are kept clean.

The cleaning inspection at Celciusgården occurs once a month and the schedule is posted on each floor. In addition to the regular cleaning inspection of the common areas, the dormitory rooms in Celsiusgården will also be inspected once a semester by the Housing Office.

The cleaning inspection at Rönnen International occurs once a week and the schedule is posted on each floor.

Cleaning supplies are stored in the cleaning cupboard on each floor. It is the tenants’ responsibility to keep the cleaning cupboard in order, to refill the empty cleaning supplies and to report any faulty machines.

Kitchen cleaning

The following video may be handy in helping tenants keep a clean and hygienic kitchen throughout their stay in University Housing. 

Instruction video about cleaning the kitchen

Bathroom cleaning

The following video may be handy in helping tenants keep a clean and hygienic bathroom throughout their stay in University Housing. 

Instruction video about cleaning the bathroom

Remember to regularly sort and recycle the rubbish. 

• The recycling building at Celciusgården can be found across the parking lot by the entrance door. Use the common key to enter; there is one key per floor.

• The recycling building at Rönnen is located by the east entrance of Rönnen International, by the large parking lot. Use your personal electronic tag to enter the building.

You are responsible for any guests that you invite to university housing. You may have guests stay in your room for up to a week. If you wish to have a guest stay with you for a longer period of time, you must get approval from the Housing Office. Subletting your room to another person (for example through Airbnb) is strictly forbidden.

The housing should be safe for tenants to reside in at all times. Make sure that the entrance door and door to the corridor are properly closed and locked when you go in or out of the building.

Do not let strangers into the building. If you see anyone who does not seem to live or be visiting someone in the building, please ask them to leave immediately or call the Security Company; their telephone number can be found on the notice board in the corridor.

You are obliged to make a fault report if something is broken or missing in your room. 

Moving out 

There are a number of things to think about when it is time to leave your student housing. 

Terminate your contract

You are required to give one calendar month’s notice when terminating your contract. Please fill out the forms below when you wish to terminate your contract.

Deposit reimbursement

You need to pass the cleaning inspection to receive your full deposit. An email with information regarding the cleaning inspection will be sent to you beforehand. 

Fill out this form for deposit reimbursement  

For general questions regarding housing, please contact:

email icon housing@mau.se