Digital Education in Nursing (DEN) is an Erasmus+ project with the overall purpose to modernise the existing curriculum for nursing students, by developing digital modules regarding lectures/examinations into new forms of education.

About the project

The pandemic has been the reason for the traditional academic education in nursing to transform into digital forms without providing teachers the opportunity to adapt their pedagogy. Teachers require support to develop their pedagogical skills from the traditional approach to a more digital one in order to maintain high standards. The traditional approach has proven inadequate to meet the current demands within academic education.

The project runs for 24 months, and the expected outcomes may have long-term positive effects on similar educations within the EU.

A European collaboration

The project consortium consists of five partner organisations representing five EU countries: Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Sweden.

All partner organisations have a strong tradition in nursing education and have already successfully collaborated in a European (Erasmus +) project. All partners organisations have worked with digital nursing education at a different level during the pandemic.




  • Goce Delcev University, Stip, North Macedonia. Contacts: Gordana Panova and Elizabeta Zisovska.
  • University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad. Contacts: Serbia Dragana Milutinovic, Dragana Simin, Sanja Tomic and Vladimir Dolinaj.
  • College of Nursing in Celje, Celje, Slovenia. Contacts: Mojca Poredos, Bojana Filej, Katja Esih, Tamara Stemberger Kolnik and Jernea Mreza.
  • University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb Croatia. Contacts: Olja Vori, Vesna Turuk and Boris Ilic.

Time frame

30 June 2021 – 29 October 2023


The primary objectives of this project are to enhance the ability of lecturers at the universities, and participating organisations to provide high-quality education, including digital education. This will be achieved by focusing on:

  • building teaching capacity to implement, with both blended and online, teaching and learning
  • developing digital pedagogical competencies of lecturers, enabling them to deliver high-quality digital education, and to develop and/or use high-quality digital content such as innovative online resources and tools
  • sharing and exchanging experiences, expertise, and resources, and in collaboration, create a digital course of mutual interest
  • collaborating, regarding digital technology, by using different providers and experts in educational technologies and with experiences in relevant pedagogical practice. 

Photo & Video

The DEN-project has been documented using photos and videos.

See photos and videos (Box)

Multiplier Event

Multiplier Events are national and transnational conferences, seminars and other events organised with the purpose of disseminating the project's results. 

The DEN-conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia in May 2023.

See material from the DEN-conference (Box)


The expected results of the DEN project are as follows:

  1. Teachers and lecturers will have an increased understanding of digital teaching pedagogic.
  2. Identity, adapt to, and develop the necessary measurements, assessments and actions required for quality enhancement of digital teaching and learning processes.
  3. Train lecturers and other teaching staff to harness pedagogical and methodological principles and new modes of teaching and learning to be able to adapt to higher nursing education.
  4. Develop methodology and platforms for broader integration between digital teaching and learning for postgraduate studies.

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

Project activities, Intellectual outputs and Dissemination

Materials, results and other outputs from the project can be found here:

Learning Teaching and Training 1, LTT1 (Box)

Learning Teaching and Training 2, LTT2 (Box)

Intellectual Outputs IO2+ IO4 (Box)

Dissemination (Box)