The national unit for odontology, HTA-O is located at the Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University.

Health Technology Assessment is about a systematic evaluation of methods and techniques in health care. Experts in the field contribute to the introduction of a clinically relevant knowledge base and more effective methods in county councils and regions. Health and medical care authorities are heavily dependent on experts to create knowledge bases on the subject matter. The experts contribute to the clinical relevance of the knowledge base and to effective methods being introduced to a greater extent.

An important reason behind the establishment of HTA-O is a great need for high-quality clinical treatment research in dental care, where the SBU (Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services) has identified several important evidence gaps. Research at Swedish universities can contribute to closing some of these gaps.

Collaboration with the national programme area of dental care

HTA-O has an agreement with the national program area (NPO) that includes everything in the area of ​​dental care. The goal is to develop and disseminate knowledge to make it available and used in every patient encounter. According to the agreement, HTA-O will assist with HTA competence. The extent of the support is adjusted according to the resources available and can, for example, involve training efforts in methodology and work processes.


Research projects

Ongoing projects HTA-O