Spring 2025

The University plans for an internal evaluation of the implementation.

7 April 2023

Malmö University is awarded HR Excellence in Research.

Nov 2022

Feedback is received from the European Commission. Assessment: Pending minor modifications.

May 2022

Malmö University submits its application for the HR Excellence in Research Award to the European Commission.

April 2022

The Vice-Chancellor decides to start the implementation phase and to adopt the action plan. The GAP analysis is completed.

February 2022

The steering group approves the University’s action plan.

Autumn 2021

Analysis of survey responses is conducted during August and September. Work on the action plan begins. The OTM-R list takes shape.

August 2021

Work with the GAP analysis begins.

June 2021

A survey is sent out to researchers and doctoral students to investigate their views on Malmö University's working conditions. The survey has a response period of three weeks, and the response rate is high.

May 2021

The letter of endorsement is submitted to the European Commission on 18 May, stating that the University will apply for certification. From now on, the University has one year to submit its application.

Spring 2021

Information about the project is published on the University's staff web in February. Survey questions are prepared during February through May.


Interviews are carried out with researchers and doctoral students as well as administrative and academic managers from all faculties.

Spring 2020

Decision on the project team and steering group is made. Visits to and interviews with other Swedish universities that have obtained certification are payed.

15 January 2020

The planning of the project is started by the Vice-Chancellor by appointing the project leader and coordinator. Preparatory work with interviews starts.