Karin Andersson.

Welcome to phd student Karin Andersson's dissertation defence!


Exploring and Deconstructing the Meaningfulness of Group Fitness Instructorhood.

Faculty examiner

Professor Pirkko Markula, University of Alberta

Examining Committee

Associate professor Jörg Krieger, Aarhus university
Professor Mikael Quennerstedt, The Swedish school of sport and health sciences
Professor Lone Friis Thing, Norwegian school of sport sciences

Back up

Professor Gunn Nyberg, Malmö University

Chairman of the dissertation

Professor/head supervisor Susanna Hedenborg

Head supervisor

Professor Susanna Hedenborg


Professor Jesper Andreasson, Linnéuniversitetet


Contact Karin for the manuscript.

About the event

The dissertation will be broadcasted. All interested are welcome.