The doctoral school Education, Learning and Globalisation is a collaboration between Malmö University, Södertörn University and Uppsala University aiming to educate future teacher educators at postgraduate level.

About Education, Learning, and Globalisation

The doctoral school Education, Learning and Globalisation, investigates what it means that preschool, school, and higher education are increasingly positioned in an international context with migration flows, global policy actors, and multinational companies. How can this be understood socially, culturally, historically, and from a learning perspective?

Within the framework of the graduate school, three areas are focused on:

  • Globalisation processes and education
  • Language, learning and internationalisation
  • Intercultural and norm-critical perspectives on preschool, school and teacher education.

The doctoral school offers an environment that affirms interdisciplinary, internationalisation, and clear links to school and teacher education. In September 2020, 10 doctoral students began their doctoral programmes. These will doctorate in the following subjects:

Malmö University:

Södertörn University:

  • Ethnology
  • Swedish

Uppsala University: