Cultural collaboration aims to highlight and further develop the University's collaboration with cultural life — regionally, nationally and internationally.

About Culture collaboration

Since 2019, Malmö University has worked strategically to strengthen collaboration with cultural actors, provide a clearer space for art and culture at the University and promote collaboration with artists and cultural practitioners.

Art and culture contribute with critical thinking, new perspectives and innovative ideas that strengthen the quality of our research and education. Through participation in art and culture, students gain a broader and deeper understanding of themselves and the world. Through collaboration with artists in education and research, new questions are raised and illuminated in new ways in an interesting, stimulating and creative environment.

Culture has an important place in promoting strategic and long-term collaborations with cultural actors in education, research and collaboration. The University's cultural collaboration strengthens cultural life and contributes to making it easier to hire and otherwise collaborate with artists and cultural practitioners in education and research.

Fika Fusion

'Fika Fusion' is a concept presented at Malmö University, on the occasion of the research project 'The academic and cultural fields in Sweden from a post-migration perspective at the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University'. The concert explored how art and science can meet in new places and in new constellations and is part of the Vice-Chancellor's initiative to strengthen the role of art and culture at Malmö University.

The first Fika Fusion was hosted by Malmö musicians Carolina Calderón, Buster Blaesild, Bader Debs and Yahia Najem who offered a fusion of different musical styles, including Latin American and Arabic music. Students from the Malmö Academy of Music's folk and world music programmes performed a mixed programme of music from near and far.

More about the research project Academia and cultural production as ‘postmigrant’ fields in Sweden

Performance Lectures

The international concept 'Performance Lecture' is a fusion between a lecture and a performance, where a researcher and a cultural actor meet together on stage to share knowledge about research to the audience. It is an exciting way to explore and communicate science using the form of performing arts — where knowledge is conveyed with artistic methods and tools and the researcher is part of the performance. In autumn 2022, the first Performance Lecture was held at Malmö University. 

Development areas for strengthened cultural collaboration in Malmö and the region

In dialogue with external partners and within the University, we are working to develop the following areas:

  • Collaboration with various cultural actors within the framework of research and education.
    Malmö Live and Malmö Museums are two of Malmö's major cultural institutions that we collaborate with today and we would like to see more. Please contact us if you want to collaborate!
  • Collaboration on cultural policy issues and other current cultural issues.
  • Making culture available in our University environment. This may involve the artistic decoration of premises, the cultural framing of events such as conferences or the University's annual academic celebration or open cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions.
  • Arts and culture as knowledge creation. Through joint projects where, for example, researchers and artists work together, we can contribute new knowledge and skills.