Our educations are aimed at those working in private companies, municipalities, local government and other authorities. Together, we will design contract educations that are tailored to your leadership team and your organisation.

Strengthen your leadership competence in diversity, human rights and democracy

The Anna Lindh Academy is expanding its repertoire and, in addition to our contract educations, also offers shorter workshop series as well as seminars and lectures. 

A confident leader is a leader with a strong sense of a moral compass and the courage to do both wrong and right. In the long run, such leadership strengthens the organisation. Our contract educations are designed to help leaders find joy in challenges and meaning in working towards a democratic society. 

About the courses

At our courses, there is space for conversation and reflection, opportunities to debate dilemmas and at the same time broaden the discussion around ethics, morality, and strategies of engaging with people. Through talks by guest lecturers, study visits and stimulating encounters with art and literature, participants are encouraged to engage in dialogue. Input from the participants is valued — here, experiences can be shared and reflected upon. 

Examples of lectures and questions:

  • Basic law in practice: what constitutes freedom of expression, artistic freedom, and freedom of religion in everyday life? What happens when they conflict?
  • “Speech is silver, but silence is golden”. Or is it? Who speaks, and who speaks out — and on what grounds and in what manner?
  • The right to the city — a historical view of private and public spheres.
  • Media and media logic. When the press is hounding you, what’s to be done?
  • Ethics and aesthetics. Dress codes, the body, and symbols — historically and today.
  • The role of art and culture in democracy: are the spaces of art and imagination under threat? If so, by whom?

Would you like to know more?

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Christel Brost Special Advisor to the Dean, Faculty of Culture and Society