Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, Malmö University continuously monitors the situation and follows the authorities' recommendations. The University continues a mix of teaching on campus and digitally, at all levels. The form of teaching may change during the semester, this means that students should be available to be on campus at short notice.

October 20, 2020

A combination of on-campus and digital activities for the spring semester 2021

  • The Swedish Public Health Agency expects that the risk of spread of infection will remain for a longer period of time, and the University must find a long-term solution. The main focus for Malmö University for the spring semester of 2021 will continue to be digital education.  
  • However, exemptions can be made for teaching and examinations that require physical attendance, if deemed necessary to ensure quality and/or progression in the education.
  • A risk assessment has been made taking into account the Swedish Public Health Agency's current recommendations regarding the capacity that different types of premises have for conducting education on campus.
  • To secure the students’ access to the internet, computers and library resources, one or more University buildings will remain open. 

Decisions regarding matters other than digital education

  • The Dental Care Clinic will continue its operations, in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. 
  • Public disputations are carried out on-site with smaller audiences and with the possibility of digital participation and broadcasting.
  • International conferences at Malmö University are conducted out digitally. 
  • National conferences/equivalent at Malmö University are conducted digitally.

Malmö University follows the authorities' recommendations closely and may reconsider the decision if the recommendations are changed. New decisions linked to previous decisions, e.g. thesis defences, working from home or business travel, will be made at a later point this autumn.  

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