Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, Malmö University continuously monitors the situation and follows the authorities' recommendations.

A combination of on-campus and digital activities for the autumn term 2021

  • Teaching and exams can be carried out on campus during the autumn term 2021, when distance can be kept for both students and employees.
  • However, it will continue to be necessary during the autumn term to conduct teaching digitally for larger groups of students who cannot keep their distance in the university's premises. Digital teaching may also continue in cases where it is deemed appropriate.
  • Decisions regarding which activities that will be held on campus or digitally are made on the basis of the Public Health Agency's regulations and advice.
  • Decisions on dissertations, travel, conferences and working from home will be revised no later than  August 15, 2021.

Accessing university buildings

The University has limited opening hours and the number of study places on university premises is limited. As a student, you can access several of the university's buildings with your Multicard and code. 

Decisions regarding matters other than digital education

  • Dissertations are carried out without the public being given physical access to the dissertation room. The dissertations will be broadcasted live.
  • International conferences at Malmö University are conducted out digitally. 
  • National conferences/equivalent at Malmö University are conducted digitally.
  • The Dental Care Clinic will continue its operations, in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.

Malmö University follows the authorities' recommendations closely and may reconsider the decision if the recommendations are changed. 

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