I am a senior lecturer (assistant professor) in Urban Planning and Design at the Department of Urban Studies. As a researcher, I am mainly interested in the socio-spatial consequences of urban development projects; and how different interests and the contradictory goals of sustainable development are perceived and considered in the planning processes.

My academic background is rooted in a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning and Design, supplemented by a Master's degree in Urban & Regional Planning. In 2016, I completed my Ph.D. in Urban Studies at Tarbiat Modares University's Faculty of Art and Architecture in Tehran. The focus of my doctoral research was on the socio-spatial conflicts that often arise within urban megaprojects, large scale redevelopment projects in Mashhad. Throughout my Ph.D. program, I conducted parallel research on a large-scale waterfront development project in Portland as a visiting researcher at Portland State University, Oregon state.

I have authored two books, contributed to two book chapters, and published 14 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Prior to joining Malmo university in 2020, I served as an Assistant professor and lecturer at Kharazmi University, Art University of Isfahan, and Imam Reza International University since 2010.

I have participated in seven prior research projects encompassing urban catalysts, urban plaza site selection, city image analysis in distressed urban areas, street transformation into pedestrian pathways, building contraventions, and smart growth.

With a practical lens as an urban planner, I have engaged with both the public sector and private Urban Planning & Architecture firms in the cities of Mashhad and Tehran, assuming pivotal roles as a Project Director and Team Leader for a duration of four years.

Currently, I am involved in two research projects. The first centers around investigating Sustainability conflicts within waterfront projects, in collaboration with the Institute for Urban Research (IUR). The second project focuses on delving into the public's perception of transport quality at Sweden's national center for research and education on public transport (K2).

In my current capacity at the Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University, I impart knowledge in diverse courses such as Physical Planning I and II, Transport, Mobility, and Planning, Urban Planning Theories, GIS and Statistics for Planners (bachelor program of Urban Development and Planning), Research Methods (master’s program of Leadership for Sustainability), and methods in Urban Studies and master's theses (master’s program of Urban Studies). Moreover, I am involved in co-coordinating the Bachelor program of urban development and planning within the department.