The subject Urban Studies is defined as research regarding urban spaces content, form, planning, and transformation.

Urban Studies is the research topic situated between the social and cultural practices and the physical flows of resources, man-made landscapes, buildings, infrastructures and everyday items.

Urban Studies has its basis in subjects like:

  • Business Administration
  • Ethnology
  • Real Estate Science
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Geography
  • Mobility Studies
  • Planning Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Social Geography
  • Urban Economics
  • Urban History
  • Urban Sociology

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Doctoral studies in Urban Studies

Malmö University offers doctoral studies in Urban Studies.

Urban Studies is the scientific study of the content, form, planning, and transformation of urban areas. The subject is positioned in a field of tension between social and cultural practices and the material world of manufactured landscapes, buildings, infrastructure, and everyday objects.

Contact for doctoral studies in Urban studies: Karin Grundström

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