My research interest

As an academic scholar I am positioned in the intersection between entrepreneurship education, learning philosophy and educational theory, but over time I have broadened my pursuits to include ethical and moral considerations spanning the entrepreneurial process tied to the growing platform-economy context. Over the last three years I have also widened my scholarly pursuits to include the real estate sector with a focus on dialogues as a tool to provide learning in-between real estate firms and their stakeholders. Although my main area of expertise rests within the field of entrepreneurial education I am continuously seeking to broaden my research, especially related to contemporary work conditions that are becoming visible with the growing digitalization and its impact on entrepreneurship and the more and more boundarlyless careers that are emerging. In summary, I have a genuine interest in understanding how contemporary socitey is re-shaping the world of work and the role that new business activity might play, especially when considering responsible and sustainable business practice. Here I am influenced by current thoughts on re-defining capitalism (Henderson) and the incresed focus on cloud-capital (Varufakis) and how to mitigate and re-shape future understanding of what world we might want to live in.

My publications can be seen by following the google scholar link below.