Jimmy has been working in the telecom-business since 2002, at companies like Ericsson and Sony among others. He started as an embedded software engineer, and moved on into project management and finally worked as a Data Scientist. He started his industrial PhD in the autumn 2018 and will focus his research on Context Awareness in collaboration between the IoTaP program and Sony Mobile. Due to the progress that has been made within IoT, we can today collect massive amounts of data. We can use this data to make intelligent predictions over the future context of the IoT devices. Thus we can potentially reduce the resource usage within the IoT network. This may lead to:

  • Longer uptimes for system using current batteries
  • Reduced amount of network traffic
  • Increased entropy in the data that is being sent
  • Increase accuracy in the data collection when it’s needed
  • More intelligent systems that are better at satisfying the need of the users.