Leah is a second-year doctoral student at the Institute of Sport Sciences at Malmö University. Her research is concerned with the construction and contemporary understandings of the term “talent”.

Born and raised in Germany, she holds a B.A. (2017) in Peace and Conflict Studies from Malmö University and a M.Sc. (2019) in Social Studies of Gender Studies with a major in the political sciences. She has also completed studies at Kyung-Hee-University (Seoul, South Korea) as well as La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia).

Always having had a personal interest in physical activity, Leah only just recently found her way into the sport sciences. Her master thesis "Beauty and The Bar: The Reinforcement of Hegemonic Masculinity in Contemporary British and German Sports Journalism and Its Relationship to Sex-Segregated Competition Structures" deepened her desire to pursue a PhD within the sport sciences.