Sport Science at Malmö University is focused on sport in society. Questions regarding sport’s societal values, challenges, and problems are asked. Our researchers provide scientifically substantiated answers.

Sport science at Malmö University is focused on questions related to sport in society. Our researchers study how people's choice to participate in sports and in what forms are governed by factors such as gender, economy, background and demography.

Sport science covers all aspects of sports:

  • from elite sports at the highest international level
  • children's club sports and;
  • exercise activities among the population.

In addition, studies of physical education (PE) in schools and public interest in outdoor recreation are important for our research. Important questions about the societal values of sport, its challenges and problems are asked and our researchers provide scientifically substantiated answers. Some of the research questions:

  • Why are participation numbers in children and youth sport in Sweden declining?
  • Why are football and ice-hockey important sports in our society?
  • Why are women's financial preconditions in elite sports so much worse than men's?
  • How does the school subject Physical education and Health influence children’s and young people’s interest for sport in a life-long perspective?
  • How can we promote physical activity for the most sedentary groups in society?
  • How does sport affect the environment and our ecosystems?
  • Is e-sports really a sport?

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Doctoral studies in Sports Science

Malmö University offers doctoral studies in Sports Science.

Contact for the doctoral studies in Sports science: Kutte Jönsson

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