My research is about disability and working life. Currently, I am studying how staff close to users in LSS-homes work practically to detect, see and interpret pain in people with disabilities who have difficulties in communicating pain themselves (the study is funded by the Craaford Foundation).

I also work on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Knowledge to map and compile research on hindering and promoting mechanisms in the work environment for people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities.

In earlier studies I have researched disclosure of invisible disabilities in working life as well as the return to work after stroke. In the project Necessity or (im)possibility - entrepreneurship and self-employment among people with disabilities that entail reduced working capacity (funded by FORTE 2019-2023), the aim was to identify and understand establishment motives and the factors that affect the conditions for self-employment among people with disabilities. What are the motives for establishing business ownership and what factors influence the conditions?

Research Projects

You can find previous research projects in the Diva database.