Webster Tinashe Chakawata is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background spanning across the fields of Sociology (BSc, University of Zimbabwe); European Union Studies (MA, College of Europe) and Sport Management and Policy Development (MSc, Pan African University). He is a Sport Management professional with experience in the sport for all sector, sport for development sector, sport and trade sector, EU Sport Policy and EU Sport Law areas as it relates to the organized sport movement in Europe.

He is currently pursuing his Doctoral research at Malmö University revolving around streamlining international free trade within sport industry business models in order to mobilize sustainable corporate business practices. Webster’s academic research interests revolve around the global sport industry, sport policy, sport diplomacy and sport and trade. They also include sport’s normative contributions in areas such as peace, governance and human rights. Outside of sport research and development, Webster also retains an interest in Global Governance, its research and its contribution to international development goals. His publications encompass a range of research fields, varying from Sociology, to Sport in the EU to Sport Industry and Free Trade in Africa and the Global Sport Industry.