Contact person:
Ahmed Al Musawi
  • Stiftelse för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling
  • Malmö Universitet
Responsible at MaU:
Tommy Eriksson
Project members at MaU:
Collaborators :
  • Patrik Midlöv
  • Lina Hellström
  • Hanna Gyllensten
  • Jesper Petersson
Time frame:
01 December 2020 - 30 June 2025
Research subject:

About the project

Medication treatment is not always optimal, and care transitions are problematic with errors and clinical consequences. This was shown in our previous studies on a Swedish-speaking population of patients with help from community care.

This study aims to evaluate the effects of an intervention, including bedside dispensing by a pharmacist, to reduce errors, in the patient medication list when discharged from the hospital to home. A further aim is to evaluate the potential clinical and economic consequences of the errors. We want to secure that patients have the correct medications available for use after discharge, that the information about current medications is correct in the Electronic Health Register and the pharmacy dispensing system, and to ensure that the accurate medication list is communicated and agreed upon with the patient. Patients 60 years and older, handling their medications, and prescribed at least five continuous, Swedish or Arabic-speaking medications will be recruited from two departments at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö before discharge.

Discrepancies between the accurate medication list and patients’ actual use will be followed up three weeks after discharge. Blinded senior researchers will evaluate medication errors, potential clinical risks, actual clinical consequences, and health economic aspects. Also, the health economic and patient and healthcare aspects of the intervention will be evaluated.