Contact person:
Joel Holmgren
  • Malmö universitet
Responsible at MaU:
Joel Holmgren
Collaborators :
  • Cold cases - Police Region South
  • The Swedish Police Authority
Time frame:
01 October 2023 - 01 October 2028
Research subject:

Project Description

In Police Region South, there are approximately 150 ongoing murder investigations considered as cold cases. A cold case refers to a case where the police have assessed that all measures that could lead to solving the crime have been taken without resulting in prosecution. Serious violent crimes resulting in death (murder and manslaughter) are among the most severe offenses.

Society has both a moral and legal responsibility, including the right to life under the European Convention, to prevent and investigate crimes with fatal outcomes. Failure in this regard has significant consequences for the bereaved and also impacts the perceived safety of the community, thus affecting the overall health and well-being of citizens.

The purpose of this research project is to systematically examine cold case investigations compared to solved murder investigations, identifying factors contributing to the lack of success in these investigations, and providing recommendations for improvements in the methodological support used in investigating serious crimes.