The research group Childhood and Education focuses on a variety of issues concerning childhood and education. Researchers are interested in children's living conditions, both today and historically, in Sweden and globally.

The research group is interested in how different actors and institutions contribute to shaping children's lives – parents, teachers, preschool teachers and leisure teachers – the family, school and preschool, and how children relate to this shaping and shape their own lives.

The starting points of the research

  • Children's interests and rights
  • The view of children as active and competent

Research areas

The research offers critical perspectives on children's socialization processes in education by highlighting areas such as:

  • Children and digital media in the after-school centre
  • Children's culture and conditions for identity creation
  • The preschool's meeting with environmental and climate change
  • Children's experiences of migration and integration
  • Perspective on play
  • Collaboration issues focused on pedagogy and didactic
  • Special educational issues