Medea Vox is an academic podcast by and with scholars on media, design and a wide range of other topics. It is hosted and run by the research platform Medea at Malmö University.

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From passion for sustainability – to action for sustainability #34

Today, we meet three people who have gone from passion for sustainability – to action for sustainability. The guests are all alumni from the Leadership for Sustainability master's program at Malmö University: Kevalin Saksiamkul, Chinomnso Onwunta and Paolo Nardi Fernandez. Together they have started the company Futurely, a consultancy that works with organizations to assess and co-envision how businesses can be sustainability pioneers. Interviewer is Hope Witmer, associate professor in Leadership and Organization at Malmö University.

On Sex, Intimacy and Robots #33

In this episode, we talk about sex, intimacy and robots. The basis of the discussion are so-called Real Dolls, which are hyper-realistic sex dolls. Professor Jeffrey Bardzell has studied how people describe their interactions with these dolls and their motivations for using them. This research can help us understand how to design for intimacy, sexuality and self-care. With scholars Bojana Romic and Jeffrey Bardzell.

“Teaching dance is teaching empathy”: On hip-hop, cultural appropriation and being h-u-e-m-a-n #32

Dance is more than physical exercise. Dance is learning about cultures and getting to know yourself. Dance educator and Afro-diasporic dance expert Moncell Durden says that "Teaching dance is teaching empathy – dance is everywhere, it comes from everyone." In this Medea Vox episode, we talk about hip-hop, cultural appropriation and being h-u-e-m-a-n. With scholars Moncell Durden and Erin Cory.

We need to talk about data centers #31

New research shows that data centers are not the jackpot that local politicians and energy companies claim they are: They don't create many jobs, they are a burden to the environment and the electricity networks, and they provide little benefit to local communities. So why all the hype when there's a new data center coming to town? With media researchers Julia Velkova and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt.

Scholarly Research Meets Comics #30

Would you rather starve next week when the economy crashes, or in 50 years when the ecosystem collapses? In this episode, scholars Patrick McCurdy and Temi Odumosu discuss the graphic novel The Beast: Making a Living on a Dying Planet, which has been described as a unique combination of scholarly research and creative writing with the comics medium.