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The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the discipline of victimology (the study of crime victims), an emerging area of specialization in the field of criminology. Furthermore, the course aims to develop the student’s knowledge of theories and methods applied within the field of victimology.

The course addresses victimology as a research area both internationally and in Sweden. Topics such as the history of victimology, theories of victimization, consequences of victimization, trauma and fear of crime will be included in the course content. Central concepts and definitions are discussed as well as explanatory models and methods to study victimization and treatment and care of trauma with a special focus on particularly vulnerable groups. Characterization of different victim groups is discussed as well as ethical considerations when studying victimization.

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

A bachelor’s degree with a major in social- or behaviour sciences or medicine and English 6.


University credits completed 100%

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