The Cariogram generates a graphical picture illustrating in an interactive way the patient's risk for developing new dental caries lesions in the future.

It is a tool that graphically demonstrates how different factors affect a patient's caries risk. It provides an overview of the risk scenario and a caries risk profile based on available information.

Unique computer software has been developed to generate the Cariogram, which can be used for caries risk assessment and patient communication as well as educational purposes. It does not replace the professional judgement of dental professionals, but it is an analytical tool that can facilitate decision-making. The Cariogram has also been scientifically evaluated, follow the link to PubMed for in-depth discussions.

You can download the Cariogram programme from this page and save it on your computer. Once you open the programme, it will install itself and be used immediately.


1. Download the programme needed to open the compressed file

Click to download the Winzip-programme

2. Download and read the manual

Read the manual before using the programme. It is not allowed to sell copies of the Cariogram manual. The author and organisations of this software assume no responsibility for any damage or consequential damage caused by the use of the program or the information provided by it.

Download the manual (in English)

3. Download the program – different language versions

Anyone can download the Cariogram software for free for educational purposes or for other non-commercial activities.

Incorporation of the Cariogram into various commercial products or programs is not allowed. For example, you are not allowed to use the program as part of a public web page, you are not allowed to bundle it with other applications for which some kind of fee is asked etc.

You can download the program either in Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Thai language.  To properly view the Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Russian or Thai versions, your computer needs to have the operative system of the corresponding language.

Macintosh and Windows (JAVA)

A version for Mac using Java is available in Swedish, English and Japanese.