Find out how you can combine your elite sport with your studies. The University makes studying for student-athletes easier by offering flexible and tailored study solutions.

Study as an elite athlete

Malmö University has, together with Halmstad University, been appointed a National Sports University 2018-2022 (Riksidrottuniversitet, short RUI), which means that the universities and the Swedish Sports Confederation have a partnership to make it easier for elite athletes to study at university level.

In order to be admitted to the National Sports University (RIU) and have access to the support services available, you must be admitted to a programme at Malmö University.

To be admitted as a student at Malmö University, you apply for a programme as usual via You do not have priority access to programmes or exclusive opportunities for admission.

National Sports University and elite sports-friendly universities (in Swedish) (

Being an elite athlete

To qualify as an elite athlete, your sport must be part of one of the Swedish National Sports Federation's specialised sports federations.

Find specialised sports federations (in Swedish) (

To be eligible for the National Sports University, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be selected for the Swedish junior or senior national team
  • Be competing at a high international level in individual sports
  • Play team ball sports in the highest division in the national or international senior
  • Be identified by, or participate, in the national team's development activities
  • Judged in the long run to be able to take place in senior national teams or compete at a
    high international level
  • Take part in the Swedish Paralympic Committee's support system
  • Take part in the Swedish Swedish Olympic Committee's Top and Talent programme

Malmö University does not make an assessment of your sporting level. That is entirely the responsibility of your specialised sports federation.

Support during your studies

As a RUI student, during your studies you receive: 

  • Your own contact person at Malmö University, the Dual Career Coordinator, who is available to you during your studies for all matters relating to elite sport and studies.
  • Proximity to training facilities during internships. Your need for proximity to training facilities must be taken into account when arranging your internship or placement.
  • Possibility to take advantage of the competence centre at Malmö Idrottsakademi (Malmö Sports Academy): Contact your Dual Career Coordinator for information on what applies to RIU students at Malmö University.

How to get support during your studies as an elite athlete:

  1. Once you have been admitted to studies at Malmö University, contact your sports federation for a certificate that indicates your athlete status. The form provided by the Swedish Sports Confederation must be filled in by the respective sports federation (below).
  2. Contact Malmö University's Dual Career Coordinator and send them your certificate.
  3. The Dual Career Coordinator will make an assessment and decide whether you are entitled to support according to Malmö University's guidelines.
  4. Once you have been granted support, you, the Dual Career Coordinator and representatives from the programme will meet to discuss your studies at Malmö University.
  5. The Dual Career Coordinator is responsible for follow-up throughout your studies.

International Specialised Sport Federation Certificate (form)

Guidelines for higher education studies and professional sports (in Swedish) (pdf)