Medea Lab, Malmö University, is a transdisciplinary media lab where researchers and artists address cultural and societal challenges through experiments, installations and interventions.

Researchers and projects

Medea Lab-affiliated researchers have academic backgrounds that span widely across the humanities, the social sciences, the arts, and technology.

The research focus is on media, design, art, and public engagement. Established in 2009, recent projects have dealt with topics such as interstellar space exploration, artificial creativity, the politics of listening, hauntology, collaborative songwriting, and transmedia storytelling.

Additional researcher

Lucy Cathcart Frödén

Lucy is a researcher, linguist and community artist, working primarily in music and sound. She is interested in creative collaboration, and how the act of making things together can foster solidarity and mutual care. Her research tries to understand how the radical openness that shared creativity requires can turn in-between spaces - between people, languages, cultures, academic disciplines or art forms - into common ground.

Lucy Cathcart Frödén


Medea has been around since 2009. An archive of all output (videos, audio, blog posts etc) is available through Zenodo.

View the Medea archive on Zenodo

  • Jay Bolter, Professor of New Media, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Pelle Ehn, Professor Emeritus in Interaction Design, Chair of the Advisory board
  • Ann Light, Professor of Design and Creative Technology, Malmö University
  • Kirsten Ostherr, Professor of English, Rice University
  • Joanna Zylinska, Professor of New Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London