Alberto is a Ph.D. in criminology and is currently involved in three projects:

Skåne Together Against Drugs [Skåne tillsammans mot narkotika]: A project that monitors the efforts of six municipalities in Skåne to combat open drug scenes. Collaborating with Manne Gerell. • Project Omega: A postdoc project aimed at investigating the connections between organized crime, welfare crime, and fraud based on data from (de)crypted apps. Financed by Forte. • When Violence Becomes an Acceptable Action Alternative: An international project where researchers from Malmö, Cambridge, and Cologne explore the causal mechanisms of violent crime. Collaborating with Marie Torstensson Levander, Robert Svensson, and Anna-Karin Ivert (Malmö University), Per-Olof H Wikström and Kyle Treiber (University of Cambridge), and Clemens Kroneberg (University of Cologne). Financed by the Swedish Research Council.