Andreas Jacobsson (b. 1977) is a Senior Associate Professor in Computer Science at Malmö University in Sweden. Jacobsson received the degree of Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2008 at Blekinge Institute of Technology and in 2016, he passed the qualification for the title of Docent in Computer Science at Malmö University.

His research interests include the theory and application of technologies for interoperability, risk, trust, privacy, and security in Internet-based information systems, more recently in Internet of Things-settings, such as, pervasive smart living spaces.

The results of his work have been documented in numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles published in international books, journals, and conference proceedings. Jacobsson has also co-authored two books on trust, security, and privacy in Internet-based information systems, which have been picked up as course literature in several courses at various universities in Scandinavia.

Jacobsson has also acted as conference session chair, program committee member, and reviewer for several research journals, conferences, and workshops in his fields. Moreover, Jacobsson is a member of the Internet of Things and People Research Center, where he currently leads a research project on intelligent privacy support for pervasive smart living spaces.

Jacobsson serves as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education and Digitalization at Malmö University.