Computer Science is the analysis and development of concepts, methods and tools aimed at making the development and use of digital systems easy, reliable and efficient.

Computer Science is a broad discipline that covers a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms to the practical issues of implementing computational systems in hardware and software.

The main topic studied at Malmö University is different aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aims at implementing goal-oriented processes, such as decision-making, adaptation, planning and learning, which are normally found in humans and animals. In particular, we are focussing on Machine Learning (ML), Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Autonomic Computing (AC), Procedural Content Generation (PCG), and Human-Centred AI. Related to AI, we are also investigating issues like the trustworthiness of systems and user experience.

Other research topics include the study of algorithms in two areas, Recommender Systems (RS) and Computational Geometry. Moreover, research Information Security, in particular with respect to privacy issues, and Systems Engineering, for example, with respect to edge computing and interaction technology. Finally, we are conducting research in modelling, optimization, and simulation for decision support.

Often we study these research topics in different application areas, such as the Internet of Things, sensor networks, building management, computational games, e-commerce, e-health, energy systems, smart homes, smart cities, supply chain management, technology-enhanced learning, public health, and transportation.

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 Malmö University offers PhD studies in Computer sciences.