My research interest is mainly focused on relational pedagogy and students´ participation. My thesis Tact and Stance - a relational study about the incalculable in mathematics teaching (Ljungblad, 2016) explored how teacher-student relationships are embodied in teaching, in communicational flow as well as when communicational dilemmas arise. The classroom study presents detailed descriptions of how successful teachers relate to their students, face to face, when they teach. The results show a relational alternative – how teachers can create trustful relationships with their students in compulsory and upper secondary schools and schools for children with learning disabilities. The empirical findings are also presented in the book Relationellt lärarskap och pedagogiska möten (Ljungblad, 2018). This book is translated into English by Peter Lang - The Relational Dimension of the Teaching Profession (Ljungblad, 2023).

I have also developed an inclusive theoretical relational perspective described in the articles Pedagogical Relational Teachership, PeRT, (Ljungblad, 2021) and Key Indicator Taxonomy of Relational Teaching (Ljungblad, 2022).

I am part of the international network Relation-Centered Education Network, (RCEN) and Research Platform of Education and Special Education, (RePESE), at the Department of School Development and Leadership, Malmö University.

Key words: Inclusive education, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, teacher-student relationships, participation, equity, accessibility, pedagogical tact, mathematical difficulties.