Education/pedagogy concerns the study of pedagogical processes in different cultural and interpersonal contexts. The main object of study of education/pedagogy is human formation/Bildung and upbringing through education, learning, and teaching.

Education/pedagogy is a wide field of research covering education, upbringing, and learning and how these phenomena relate to, as well as are shaped by, the institutional, economic, political, cultural, and social contexts of which they are a part.

The discipline of education/pedagogy at Malmö University emanates from a societal context focusing on processes of upbringing, education, and formation/Bildung in preschool, school, higher education, and adult education, as well as in non-formal and informal settings. Processes of knowledge formation and meaning-making in everyday situations and in education are considered relational and intertwining. The discipline of education/pedagogy at Malmö University is characterized by close connections with praxis and educational professions, by an interest in inclusive education and diversity, and by the philosophy of education and childhood sociology.

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