Since autumn 2022, I work 50% with teaching, mainly in sports psychology or general psychology. I am also responsible for the physical activity and health track of the sport science programme. I work 50% as a PhD student. I have had a special field of interest in applied psychology for over 15 years which has now become my dissertation project. The PhD project is about sustainable performance for high-achiever profiles. The target group is athletes with high performance-based self-esteem (the performance as an athlete is central to how satisfied they are with themselves). The PhD-project aims to explore in more detail what characterizes optimal performance-based self-esteem is in elite sports and how one can work in different ways to get to the optimal level.

Funke, A., & Uvenbeck, N. (2021). Ohållbar högpresterare [Unsustainable high performer]. Conforto Publishing.