Bo Petersson is Professor of Political Science and IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) at Malmö University, Sweden, where he is together with Professor Karina Vamling Director of the research platform Russia and the Caucasus Regional Research (RUCARR). His special areas of interest include Russian politics and society, legitimacy and legitimation strategies, authoritarianism, nationalism and identity, political myth and political language. His most recent publications include Bo Petersson & Karina Vamling (eds): The Sochi Predicament: Contexts, Characteristics and Challenges of the Olympic Winter Games in 2013 (Cambridge Scholars, 2013; Hans-Åke Persson, Bo Petersson & Cecilie Stokholm Banke (eds): Playing Second Fiddle? Contending Visions of Europe’s Future Development (Universus Academic Press, 2015); and articles in the journals of Demokratizatsiya, East European Politics, Europe-Asia Studies, Forum for EthnoGeopolitics, International Journal of Cultural Studies, NordeuropaForum, Sport in Society and Problems of Post-Communism.