I received my dental degree from Lund University in 1995. Specialist training in Stomatognathic Physiology/Orofacial Pain 2001-2004 at the Department of Odontology in Jönköping. Has worked as a senior consultant dentist in four Swedish Regions, been the main supervisor for resident education/specialist training in Stomatognathic Physiology/Orofacial Pain and for 7 years also been director of studies for resident education/specialist training program in Jönköping and Örebro. My research has focused on clinical evaluations of occlusal splint treatment (RCT studies) and later also on occlusal TMD aspects of JIA (Nordic multicenter study). Has evaluated the work, from both the caregiver and patient perspective, in an interdisciplinary pain group for long-term orofacial pain. I have worked as a manager in two organizations before I took over as head of section at the Faculty of Odontology.