The basic goal of odontology research is to promote oral health and function. Advances in these areas can in addition to improving oral health, also advance general health. Odontological research at Malmö University is integrated with, and conducted alongside, education and dental practice.

The University's research spans a wide spectrum from molecular biological studies of tissues and processes in the oral cavity to broad studies of oral health in different generations and social classes.

Cariology – The study of dental caries

Endodontics – The study and treatment of the dental pulp

Maxillofacial surgery and oral medicine

Research and postgraduate training are conducted with a focus on temporomandibular joint diseases, hard and soft tissue regeneration before implant treatment, health economic aspects of wisdom tooth surgery, mucosal changes and bone healing related to smoking and drug-induced bone necrosis.


Cecilia Larsson Wexell

Materials Science and Technology

Oral Radiology

Oral Biology

Macromolecules and microorganisms have a strong tendency to attach to surfaces and form adherent microbial communities, so-called biofilms, and we now know that they cause most infectious diseases. A prominent feature of biofilms that is of clinical relevance is their strong resistance to host defence mechanisms and conventional treatments including many antimicrobial agents. A key factor in controlling, modifying or eliminating biofilms is understanding the mechanisms that allow bacteria to adapt and survive in biofilm environments.

The focus of our work is on biofilm-induced diseases in the oral cavity. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms by which oral bacteria induce disease in biofilms and identify critical intervention opportunities in this process.


Claes Wickström

Oral Pathology – The study of oral disease

Oral Prosthetics – The study of replacement of damaged or lost teeth


Christel Larsson


Orofacial pain and jaw function

Periodontics – the study of periodontal diseases

Periodontology or periodontics is the speciality of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them. Research and doctoral studies in periodontology include laboratory, translational and clinical activities, often in collaboration with national and international actors from academia, healthcare and industry. The research results are communicated via national and international publications, congresses, and other forums.

Thematic groupings

  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Children and youth

  • Odontological epidemiology

  • Odontological radiology

Researchers, publications and projects

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