Associate Professor of Leadership and Organisation 2018, Dr. Odont. 2010, MPH 2003,DDS 1986. Active at the Centre for WorkLife and Evaluation Studies.

Research interests

The organisational and social work environment in human services. The importance of workplace climate for the quality of work performed. Negative behaviours in worklife. Development and validation of instruments for risk management and for research purposes.

Successful grant proposals

  • Digital harassment and cyberbullying – A new work environmental risk in schools (2020-22, co-applicant. AFA: 3 646 000 SEK) Link to project
  • Is that part of the job? Nurses' vulnerability to threats and violence at work and managers' action strategies (2020-22, co-applicant, AFA: 2 507 000 SEK) Link to project
  • Subcontractor to a research program at Stockholm University: Healthy and Productive Work in Later Life: Longitudinal studies of the determinants of a sustainable working life for the ageing population (2019, 269 000 SEK)
  • Establishment of national norm values for the organisational and social work environment at Swedish workplaces (2018-21, principal investigator. AFA: 3 206 000 SEK) Link to project
  • Organisational and social safety climate in human service organisations – Developing proactive approaches and tools for research, practice and intervention (2017-22, Co-applicant and principal investigator for work package of the research program. FORTE: 18 000 000 SEK) Link to project
  • The impact of organizational and social work environment on care quality in dentistry. (2017-2019, principal investigator. FORTE: 3 220 000 kr) Link to project
  • Organisational and social safety climate - the importance of the first line manager (2016, co-applicant. The Swedish Work Environment Authority: 230 000 SEK)
  • COPSOQ Sweden, bridging research and practice in psychosocial work environment (2014-2017, principal investigator. AFA: 2 387 000 SEK)
  • Work and health among first-line health care staff – validation and a new base for Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire in Sweden (2013-17, principal investigator. FORTE: 3 580 000 SEK)
  • Organisation and Good Work - a sustainable worklife in healthcare (2008-10, co-applicant. FORTE: 2 600 000 SEK)
  • Stress, health and social support at the workplace in view of changing demands made of dentists (2002-03, principal investigator)