Designing and researching aesthetics of Tangible Interaction as well as designs as part of critical change processes.

My interest is not only that of an interaction designer emphasizing materiality, aesthetics and the role of the body in sense making; it is also tied to working for the empowerment, participation and joy of people with disabilities as well as diversity in general. My interest also stems from my previous work as a teacher intrigued by the many ways humans can learn (e.g. learning styles) and as a craftsman loving the physical engagement with matter (i.e. glassblowing).

Approaches: • Research-from-within-design • Engaged research • Material Speculation

Fields of special interest: • Embodied interaction • Multi-sensory environments. • Interactive scent. • Place specific computing • Critical design tactics and speculative strategies. • Disability & diversity (e.g. autism, learning styles, elderly) • Pedagogy. Learning theory. Didactics/curriculum studies • Peircian Semiotics • Immaterial cultural heritage of craft • Superobjects.