To design is to contribute to meaningful changes in the everyday life. Design research at Malmö university, therefore, takes as its point of departure an approach to design of innovative practice in a societal and cultural context.

Design research at the School of Arts and Communication, K3, addresses a broad range of theoretical, critical, and practical questions from a range of perspectives, such as:

  • sustainable design
  • experimental prototyping
  • game design
  • collaborative learning
  • physical computing
  • norm creativity

Together with users and external stakeholder, we develop a responsible, sensitive design research approach which takes issues of ethics and sustainability seriously, while also being technologically advanced and materially experimental.

Interaction design

With interaction design as a main focus, K3 researchers play prominent roles in the international shaping of the discipline, not least when it comes to developing research on and through co-design and participatory design practices.

An important approach has been the setting up of “living labs” experimentally addressing local issues and carrying out research together with different actors throughout the city of Malmö and beyond.

Future-oriented profile

A common starting point is an expanded idea of design as 'agency' rather than 'product oriented', including the wider socio-material context of meaning and future making. Advanced design research across disciplines is today indispensable, not the least in order to enhance the understanding of design as formation not only of functional or desirable artefacts, but also of care services.

Conceptually and methodologically exploratory are geared towards the grand challenges of today. Design research at K3 is therefore is largely carried out within transdisciplinary research platforms, research programmes, and research centres. 

Our research is positioned at the international forefront and has attracted attention for its transdisciplinary, participatory and critically future-oriented profile.

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PhD studies

Malmö University offers PhD studies in Interaction Design.

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