Arts-based research at Malmö University has an emphasis on critical and interdisciplinary approaches. Focus is thereby put on performativity and activism, and on methodological and material experimentation. It is a form of artistic research that interweaves creative practice with critical theory formation with the ambition to contribute to knowledge development and societal change.

A profile rather than a specific research area, arts-based research at the School of Arts and Communication, K3, addresses the creative, spatial, material, sensuous, symbolic and political conditioning of knowing and knowledge. Thematic projects allow for the exploration and development of spaces for action, with respect to the technological and social as well as the corporeal and political conditions for creativity.

It is in this respect a form of research that both requires, allows for, and facilitates the instituting of new approaches across existing disciplines and methods. With the combined point of departure in urgent societal topics and artistic challenges, it is research that tries out and questions relationships such as those between art and technology, imaginaries and artefacts, spaces and stories, intimacies and publics.

Artistic research is being conducted within the broad and multifaceted field of design, which also includes media, visual studies, and language and cultural studies. It is also an important element in the cross-disciplinary research education programme. K3 is part of the Iaspis (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee) International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists, having had five international artists in residence.

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