Hoai Anh Tran is Associate Professor of Built Environment at the Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University, Sweden. Her researches provide a critical analysis of the relationship state-society in urban space production, in the formulation and implementation of urban and housing policies, as well as the relationship between people and the built environment, using example from Vietnam and Sweden. Her research topics include: urban development policies and social justice, housing research, gentrification, informality, rhythm analysis, planning regulations.

Tran is currently working with her research project: "State-led versu People-led: Tensions and Synergies in Vietnam's Urban Development", for which she has been awarded the Research Sabbatical Grant from the Bank of Tercentenary of Sweden, to be carried out during 20220901-20230831.

She is also the project leader of a research project on “Lively” and “pleasant” waiting spaces" exploring the processes that make transit spaces attractive and serve as public spaces. The research calls attention to the activity of waiting for public transport, an often taken-for-granted and invisible part of everyday mobility that is often neglected in transport planning and highlights the user’s experience of public transit in different urban contects of Malmö. The project is carried out in 2023 - 2024 and fianced by K2, Sweden's national center for research and education on public transport.