I work at the intersection of technology, participation and governance. I am a Assistant Professor in the Global Politics of AI and Health (2021-2026) funded by Wallenberg AI - Autonomous Systems and Software Program on Humanity and Society, WASP-HS.

I have a Ph.D. in Social and Policy Sciences from the University of Bath, U.K (2014). Following the completion of my Ph.D. I worked for the UN Refugee Agency (2014-2016).

I am Ph.D. co-supervisor for Dennis Munetsi

Current projects and grants

Forthcoming publications

  • Artificial Intelligence, Datafication and Exploring the Minimum Content of Nationality, Statelessness and Citizenship Review (In press, 2024).
  • A Paradigm Shift in Plain Sight? AI and the Future of Healthcare in the Nordic States, Nordic Welfare Research. (In press, 2024), with Michael Strange.
  • Collaborative Future-Making: Bridging the Everyday and the Global Political Economy of Automated Health, In: Handbook on Automated Futures, Eds. Fors, V., Berg, M., & Brodersen. De Grutyer (In press, 2024), with Michael Strange.


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UN Refugee Agency Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research (2014).