Jöran Petersson is presently reader (associate professor) in mathematics education at Malmö University. Click the underlined words to read more about his research on Foundational Number Sense with professor Paul Andrews and doctor Judy Sayers, on second-language students' knowledge in mathematics and on optimization. Jöran has a PhD in mathematics education (Stockholm University, 2017), a diploma as upper secondary school mathematics and physics teacher (Linköping University, 2004), and a master (licentiate) in mathematical systems theory and optimization (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1999). He has worked with research and development as mathematician in industry (sensor signals and control systems) and insurance business (1999-2002). He has taught several years in secondary school and adult education in classroom and via internet (2002-2007) and as university lecturer in mathematics for engineering students (1993-1998) and mathematics education for teacher students (since 2007). Besides research publications, he has also published textbooks for second language pupils and several articles in teacher journals. A complete publication list is available as a thematic and a chronologic version and journal articles are searchable via the databases SwePub, DIVA, google scholar and Researchgate.

Personally, Jöran recommends you to have a look at this method article on using times series analysis for making a nice graphical overview of the outcome of a content analysis. It is a general technique that works for analysis on serial data for describing the 'stream of content' in textbooks, lesson data, and communication.