My first PhD in sport science at the University of Berne (2012) was written with the topic of sport engagement and violent behavior in adolescents; meanwhile my second PhD in psychology at the University of Lund in (2015) centered around the topic of Psychological Momentum in Handball.

Since then, my research has mainly focused on mental health in elite athletes, psychological aspects of injury, team sports, and talent development. At the moment, I am involved in a research project on injury prevention in handball, called I-PROTECT, in which we develop and test a mobile application including education and handball-specific, physical and psychological exercises aiming to reduce risk for injury. Another project that I am involved in is about body image experiences in retired Olympians. In 2024, my research focus will be specifically about how to apply mindfulness-based interventions in elite sports.

Besides my academic work, I also work as a sport psychology consultant with elite athletes, teams and coaches. I do so through my employment at the Department of Elite Sports at the Swedish Sports Confederation.