I am professor of organisation studies. I am particularly interested in storytelling, ethics, learning and power in organizations. I am interested in sustainability, inclusion and the relations between technology and social change. Theoretically I work from 1) Foucault’s understanding of power and his later ethical writing concerning practices of the self, 2) Arendt’s political philosophy concerning the relations between storytelling, space of appearance, natality and her writings on thinking, action and judgment, 3) Benjamin’s original philosophy concerning the relations between space, materiality and storytelling and 4) Latour’s writings on Gaia and the Terrestrial. My current writings focus on developing a terrestrial ethics based on the notion of story making developed from particularly Arendt’s and Latour’s writings. I am and have been involved in numerous organizational and regional development projects in Denmark and Sweden. At Malmö University I am coordinating the master program Leadership and Organisation: Societal Challenges and Organizational Changes (