My research is about adverse social behaviors in the workplace, and span the entire continuum from low intensity, rude behaviors, to more severe forms of mistreatment such as workplace bullying. I primarily investigate how adverse social behaviors relate to the organizational and social work environment, and associations with work-related health and occupational well-being.

My doctoral dissertation focused on consequences of witnessing workplace incivility. After completing my PhD studies, I continued to do research on the bystander perspective of workplace mistreatment as a postdoctoral researcher in the FORTE-financed project "Witnessing workplace bullying".

Currently, I am working as an associate senior lecturer, and the principal investigator of the research project "Development and implementation of an evidence based method to improve the social work environment". The project, which is financed by AFA Insurance, aims to develop and implement an intervention to promote civility in organizations, by working with the social climate. The project also aims to investigate how the organizational and social work environment is affected by such an intervention.

Research questions that I find particularly interesting concern the interaction between individual and organization, organizational and social work environment, work-related health, as well as quantitative research methods within the social sciences.