I'm a PhD student at the Department of Orthodontics. Previously, I've worked as a dentist in the public sector, private sector, and as a teacher to dental students.

My research and upcoming thesis is part of project CROWDIT, which comprise a longitudinal multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial and involves four specialist clinics at four locations in Sweden. CROWDIT evaluate and compare orthodontic treatment outcomes during and after treatment with of two fixed appliance systems in children and adolescents with crowded and displaced teeth. The treatment outcomes are analyze at different efficacly levels: clinician's level, clinical level, patient's level and societal level.

My research will evaluate and compare clinical treatment outcomes using three-dimensional study models, cephalometric radiographs, CBCT radiographs and clinical photographs. Instruments and measures for evaluating treatment outcome such as Peer Assessment Rating (PAR), Little's irregularity index (LII), transverse width and effects on soft tissue and tooth-bearing jawbones will be included. I will also evaluate and compare patients' health-related quality of life using questionnaires such as EuroQol 5 Dimension Youth (EQ-5D-Y), a version of the child perception questionnaire 11-14 (CPQ 11-14) and a questionnaire on patient satisfaction. Finally, we will compare the two braces in a cost-effectiveness analysis.

This research is intended to provide evidence-based knowledge about side effects and negative effects of orthodontic treatment, promote individualisation of orthodontic treatment and be used as support for resource allocation in healthcare.